Human Turbines is a record label headed by Ilnaz Tarkhanov, the Russian based record producer Cramp and founder of the hugely successful The label was formed in December 2020 in conjunction with producer Elton Smith as an idea to release quality house and progressive music, born out of a common interest in quality electronic music. We are passionate about music.

Abramasi "Kudilava/Got Yourself"

Human Turbines brings you their fifth release, featuring Abramasi and his enchanting EP, featuring the songs Kudilava and Got Yourself. 

Abramasi "Kudilava/Got Yourself" pre-save available!
Released: 06 September 2021

Ilnaz Tarkhanov
CEO & Founder of "Human Turbines" music label

Ilnaz Tarkhanov is a music producer from Russia, also globally known as artist "Cramp" since 2008, releasing music on record labels such as Anjunabeats, Armada, Intricate.
Founder and manager of sound recording studio "", music producer, mixing and mastering engineer. 

Elton Smith
A&R Manager

Elton Smith is a DJ and Electronic Music Producer from Melbourne, Australia.


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